Thumbnail Blaster Review - Will it get you more views?

Thumbnail Blaster Review – Clickthrough rate is key, can this help you out?

Thumbnail Blaster Review
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Thumbnail design and creation app with hundreds of templates

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Click Through Rate is Important!

One of the most important metrics in whether people see your video via YouTube’s algorithm is click through rate. Essentially this is the percentage of people that see your video and actually click to watch. Increasing this percentage can often seem like a minefield, what if there was a way to increase this in a an easy way?

This is what Thumbnail Blaster promises to deliver and in this review we will delve into what Thumbnail Blaster actually is and contains with our views and opinions.

This article will be evolving over time, so if Thumbnail Blaster isn’t for you right now, bookmark this page and return at a later date.

Thumbnail Blaster Review - Will it get you more views?

Thumbnail Blaster is a thumbnail creator and management system for increasing views on your YouTube channel.

Thumbnail Blaster is a 100% cloud based software meaning you do not need to download anything. Everything is managed through the website.

Thumbnail Blaster creates engaging thumbnails from hundreds of proven to convert templates and then optimises the process to ensure you get the views you deserve.

Getting views in YouTube can be challenging. The YouTubes website operate an algorithm that is intended to show people the right video at the right time. It does this by assessing the quality of the video along with more traditional features such as title and tags. It assess the quality by means of view and view duration, but even more so by click through rate. This metric is how often people clicked on the video having seen it in the search result. This way YouTube can measure whether videos answer certain questions and keywords for future potential viewers.

By making your video thumbnail more enticing there is a higher chance people will click. This leads the algorithm to work in your favour and therefore will show your video to more people.

Inside of Thumbnail Blaster you will find all you need to create great thumbnails. Whether this is the hundreds of templates or by starting from scratch, the drag and drop thumbnail builder will show you what you need to do. In connection with this you have the opportunity to create multiple thumbnails and make them both live, with Thumbnail Blaster automatically showing each thumbnail to different viewers and seeing which one gets a higher click through rate, ultimately choosing the best one moving forward.

Thumbnail Blaster provides a intuitive solution to managing thumbnails that convert.


We hope that you found this review of Thumbnail Blaster informative. Thumbnail Blaster provides an easy use automate drag and drop service for creating and managing YouTube thumbnails.

Thumbnail Blaster is a highly recommended platform to improve and increase YouTube video views on your channel. To learn more about the product click the button below.

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Thumbnail Blaster Review

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Thumbnail Blaster Review

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