Video Marketing Blaster Review: Want to rank your videos?

Video Marketing Blaster Review : Ranking is hard, what are the secrets?

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Video Marketing Blaster Review : Ranking is hard, what are the secrets?

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Learn to Rank YouTube videos

Ranking videos on YouTube is hard. Simple as that. I’ve tried and failed. However YouTube tells us that some of the key metrics for ranking videos is the optimisation of the words that we use when we upload a video. Title, tags and description. However it’s very easy to use the wrong ones, what if there was way to find out which words will get us ranking?

This is what Video Marketing Blaster promises to deliver and in this review we will delve into what Video Marketing Blaster actually is and contains with our views and opinions.

This article will be evolving over time, so if Video Marketing Blaster isn’t for you right now, bookmark this page and return at a later date.

Video Marketing Blaster Review: Want to rank your videos?

Video Marketing Blaster is a collection of tools that will helps us to rank higher in the YouTube search so that it is more likely that our video will collect more views.

Video Marketing Blaster is a desktop tool which has been carefully designed to work alongside your browser and connect to YouTube.

Video Marketing Blaster provides us with tools that allow us to select the right keywords for our video, but also to narrow down what content is more likely to rank.

Keywords define what your content is all about. They are the specific words that people are searching for. Therefore there needs to a close correction between what people are searching for and a) the content you are creating and b)how you are optimising the content when you put it online. Within YouTube we are able to put text into the title of our video, the description and the tags. These all define the content, so it is important to optimise these sections for the keywords we want to rank for.

However it is not as simple as that, because we may not be the only people that want to rank for specific keywords. Therefore we need to find out what keywords are not oversaturated. Or find alternatives that people are searching for that haven’t been ranked for.

Inside of Video Marketing Blaster you will find a range of tools help us with out keyword issues. Firstly we have a keyword tool that allows us to input a seed word and find long tail keywords that we wouldn’t have thought of. Long tail keywords are phrases built up of a number of words that people are more likely to specifically search for. We then have the opportunity to analyse selected keywords that we chose. This will tell us our chances of being able to rank in the search results of YouTube as well as what others are doing for these keywords. Then there is a the keyword generator. When we are ready to upload our video we use this tool and it will create the titles and tags most likely to rank the video highly. In additional to this we have the ability to track our video for our chosen keywords to see if we climb up the rankings.


We hope that you found this review of Video Marketing Blaster informative. Video Marketing Blaster provides an easy use tool to help us create and rank video in YouTube.

Video Marketing Blaster is a highly recommended platform to improve and increase YouTube video views on your channel. To learn more about the product click the button below.

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Video Marketing Blaster Review

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Video Marketing Blaster Review

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